Thursday, November 28, 2013

On First Looking Into American Free Verse

A poet is a very Spoiled creature:
Proper punctuation — is regarded −
of secondary import − to the rest —
Consistent Meter — need not be followed — because he's an Elitist
Nor do all lines —
Have to be the same length — or follow a considered Design —
But Repetition is artistic — because you're an Elitist
Inserting syllables has been allow'ed — and —
omitting them — that made no sense but Clarity and Reason
do not matter - 'cause I'm an Elitist

See that shift from 3rd to the 1st person?
Was that not profound and 'genius?
A symbol of change in poetic theme —
And the author's expanding egotism — that's really important, BTW.

A Bird just sung outside my writing office —
Why should you care? Because it is a Picture —
Of my internal Conscience and its wanderings —
I'll write whatever crosses upon my mind — 'cause I am an
Narcissistic Elitist

I am like some irrational thing from Nature that −
regardless of its animality — exhibits human traits —
And reminds me of myself —
Nature is my second Half −- without which I am nothing — because I'm a
Air-headed Elitist

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