Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Site Update and How to Support the Files

Well, it’s been a while, patriots. A lot has transpired since the last time I chimed in on world events on this digital autonomous zone, including a Great Reset, the rapid, congressionally approved contraction of First Amendment liberties, and a (successful) coup attempt by domestic terrorists across the country, culminating in an enemy occupation of Washington, D.C. All of this has been very suspenseful and cinematic to say the least, enough to make even this film-loving author forget how much he misses his Regal Unlimited pass. Alas, as millions of psychologically brutalized peasants don the muzzle for perpetuity, the phantom ruling class of the Globalist American Empire (GAE) has ironically thrown off its mask once and for all, enacting a ruthless regime of Healing and Unity. “Once more the [globalists] will rule the galaxy. And … we shall have … peace.”

Take a second to apologize to George Lucas.