Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Computer – LDD rough draft

Remember that story Oedipus I made such a big deal about?  Do you remember the Frankenstein monster cop-out character in it called "the computer"?  Well, now the computer is being recreated in real life, not by Oedipus, the fictional man behind its invention, but by that person who created both Oedipus and the computer.  Me.  And it's being built in Lego.  That's right.  I've been using a wonderful little program made by Lego to construct the computer with virtual bricks on, well, my computer.  "Lego Digital Designer"is completely free, so if you love building your own custom Lego models I highly recommend downloading it here.

Unfortunately, your not-so-virtual custom Lego models are not-so-free if you wish to order them and build them in real life.  In fact, custom models built in Lego Digital Designer cost about 2.5x as much as regular Lego models, which presents quite a problem if I want to order the computer and build him in real life (I do).  I'm almost finished with the 1st rough draft of the computer (as you can see, he's still missing hands), and the price Lego's asking from me is just about $60.  6000 divided by 250 pieces is 24 cents per piece says my calculator...

Here are some pics of the computer taken in LDD.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your "computer" next week. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope you hear from Ms Williams. Love, Nana


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