Saturday, April 6, 2013

Debater's Manifesto 2012-2013 section 4

Section 4 - on individualist events and parli

* Pre-pubescent personal examples aren’t compelling.  “When I was 4 years old, my family moved to a new home and I was scayered, but then I met new friends and learned that leaving my comfort zone is actually a good thing, yadayadayada.”
* Bad examples which are relevant to the prompt are better than good examples which aren’t.
* Geometrically speaking, this is a segment, not a triangle.  2nd point ------ Intro/conclusion ------ 1st point
* Subpoint B) of above point: this is awkward to watch.
* The impromptu that informs is better than the one that inspires.
* Signposting is stupid, in speech, writing, and everywhere else.  The more time you spend telling the judge what you’re going to say and what you said and where you said it, the less time you have to actually say it.
* Since the purpose of Mars Hill Impromptu is to evangelize bigoted, low-information heathens by analyzing pop culture, speakers would ideally allocate more of their time to dissecting the movie than to praising Jesus’ name and thumping the Bible.
* ^ That was a sarcastic moderate joke for those of you in Rio Linda.
* There are too many 60+ year old family movies with happy endings in Mars Hill. Case in point: It’s a Wonderful Life and The Wizard of Oz.
* The PG-13 cap should be removed.  Kids are encouraged to read such violent novels as The Hunger Games, the Eragon series, and A Game of Thrones, but not to watch R-rated films like The Matrix or Gladiator which are 10 times more theologically or politically thought-provoking?
* Where is Homer?  Sophocles?  Chaucer?  Shakespeare?  Bede – never mind.
* All the Mars Hill topics except for ad campaigns and the pop songs are forms of storytelling.  Video games are a form of storytelling.  Therefore, video games are more consistent with the Mars Hill theme than are product slogans and pop music babble.
* “Compelling subject matter" is the Significance of individual events.
* Gratuitous screaming should be regarded as profanity.
* Dr. Seuss is a rhymer, not a poet.
* There’s no such thing as an “open” play.
* Storytelling is an interpretation event.
* Knocking for the government team is akin to knocking against the opposition team, and vice versa.
* Cross-examination is an art; parlinterruptions are a nuisance.

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