Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nitoc 2013

Here's a summary of all the Arkansas nonsense you never took the mental or financial pains to see.

For the enlightenment of the low-information judging crowd, this is what all those champion debaters meant by "advocacy" in 90% of the rounds.

Vadore Postol, a self-described expert in basically everything with a Ph.D. in midichlorian physics, weighs in on the tournament's events, including disregard of the stock issues and general anti-Americanism.  Here are excerpts from his 100 page article, available to view after the round.

Policy theory on solvency is an odd paradox indeed.  By most judging philosophies at Nitoc, plans that intentionally solve something (toppling the Syrian regime, sabotaging Iran's nuclear program, invading North Korea, disrupting drug cartels) don't solve enough, but plans that deliberately solve nothing (withdrawing thousands of troops because two of them raped a girl, cutting AK-47 shipments to some puny African/Middle Eastern country, and ending the use of X weapon that kills people) are perfectly solvent.  It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Postol's ultimate reaction to the tournament (and indeed the entire season):

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