Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moderation Fallacy

This is a tightly compressed sociopoetical rant I wrote for a contest with a really unusual prompt.  It lost. Enjoy and ponder it pensively.  I have a really good piece coming in short order, so this is holding you over until then.

Five, oh ye with sullen aspect downcast, what spurs thee now to slander thus thy station,
Between thy brothers one and ten,
The center of the single digits scale,
Dwarved on right by mortals nine, on left by nothingness immortal?

Five, who are the sum of two and two – so quoth He they claim is watching you –,
Deciding then one’s reason
Or damning one for treason,
Five, who settle not for rank indulgence, nor so meek a frugal life to champion,
Ye spurn both sides’ extremes in isolation,
For why should one his evil methods ration?

Oh Fie upon the right and on the left, each one of moderation so bereft!
Why resign thyself to none or nine, to one end’s vices when in middle lies
The opportunity to come partake of twice the wrongs for compromise’s sake?

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