Monday, October 26, 2015

Stuff I Learned From Watching the Democratic-Socialist "Debate"

This is a list of quotes and buzzwords from the old CNN Democrat mutual-agreement-session that don’t relate to the national debt and fiscal solvency, i.e. basically all of them.  The reason it took us so long to upload this is because our sanity had to divide the program into chapters so as to avoid total mental collapse.

Comprehensive gun safety legislation
Common sense gun legislation
Common sense gun safety measures
Foreign policy is about “holding accountable” tyrants.
Scientific community
Institutional racism
Oligarchy and democracy
People at the dinner table
Communities/people of color
Undervalue lives of black lives
Creating millions of jobs
Good jobs
Living wage
Casino speculative mega-bank gambling
Too big to fail (speaking exclusively of banks)
Climate change
Millionaire and billionaire friends
Donald Trump and his billionaire friends
Wall Street
Tax cuts that favor the wealthy
Less than 1%
I want them to get their costs down...
Enhance benefits
People who need it the most
Comprehensive immigration reform
Pathway towards citizenship
Undocumented immigrants
Undocumented children
We’re in this together.
Civil liberties
We’ve got to stop these wars.
Corporate America
Political revolution
Handful of billionaires
Voter turnout
Raise public consciousness
Come togetha in a way that does not exist now
Big money interest
The kind of change we need
Solar and wind
One of the most sustainable cities
Citing Pope Francis, i.e. religion, to justify state policy on climate change
Commitments to fight climate change
Rest of the advanced world
Not spending governmental money on Planned Parenthood is big government.
International embarrassment to not mandate paid leave.
CEOs on Wall Street walk free while marijuana smokers go to jail.
Totally obstructionist
Millions of young people will have to demand free tuition and make Republicans an offer they can’t refuse.
The coal lobby
The pharmaceutical industry
The soldier who threw a grenade at me
I’ve served at many levels.
I did it.
Working through complicated issues to find solutions
Cavalcade of financial irregularities
Denigrate women
Racist comments about immigrants
Standing on the threshold of new American progress
Connected, generous, compassionate place
Millions of people standing up to the billionaire class
Super PACs
Old-fashioned way
Averaging $30 a piece

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