Saturday, March 5, 2016

This Video of People Biking In Downtown L.A. Has the Whole Internet Talking

Back in October, The Author was preparing for another arduous weekend of memorizing some Middle-English poetry or writing a character sketch or watching Terminator: Genisys or some cal like that, when his friend and fellow Beatissima student coaxed him into going on a bike ride (confusingly tokened "CicLAvia") through the third most socialist city on the west coast.  Nothing can prepare you for what they ran into on the way!

The Author would like to note that the shaky, sometimes nauseating camera movements are not a consequence of lacking experience or proper stabilizing gear but a deliberate artistic choice, as he is practicing to be the D.P. for the next teenage, coming-of-age, dystopian, love triangle trilogy based on an e-book he doesn’t yet know exists.


  1. Hey, I think I caught a couple glimpses of GSP's face and finger.... what I didn't spy was any of Banksy's or Mr. Brainwash's art. :-/

    1. Because Los Angeles is too refined and accepting a city to let some Nazis like Banksy or Brainwash go tarnishing it with their ignorant, oppressive artwork.


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