Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bane Capital: The Media's New Low

Before you go to the midnight “premiere” of The Dark Knight Rises, you should be aware that the Democrat-controlled media are using this movie to ridicule and demean conservatives.

If you’ve been following the news online or watching The View, you probably believe that the great Rush Limbaugh thinks The Dark Knight Rises is liberal propaganda designed to hurt Mitt Romney’s chances in the general election.  If you’ve been reading the NY Daily News, the AP, the Chicago Sun-Times, the LA Times, The Huffington Post, the Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC, or ABC News, you’ve probably been informed that Rush Limbaugh is a lunatic who draws baseless comparisons between Bane, the villain of the latest film, and Bain, the name of the company once run by Romney.  Such “objective” sources have told you that Rush is attacking a Batman movie he hasn’t seen for the sake of taking your mind off Romney’s tax returns, which frankly are none of our concern (especially since 47% of us pay absolutely nothing and in fact receive free food, education, and cell phones from the labor of people like Romney who are generous enough to give the government anything so we can get a free lunch and send text messages for 250 minutes a month) and are his right to conceal.

The Truth is that Rush Limbaugh, in commenting on this movie Tuesday, was mocking a Democrat named Christopher Lehane who drew the wildly illogical link before it even entered Limbaugh’s mind.  Anyone with an ounce of reason knows that the commentator was simply relaying a Drudge story to his audience to point out the idiocy of Democrat politicians.  Rush’s website even provides a link to the article he referenced on his show.  Limbaugh did not make a single remark about the movie itself; he was only making a prediction that the Democrats would exploit the coincidence of the movie’s villain’s name to demonize Romney come November, a plausible prediction seeing how Obama is incapable of eloquently defending his policies and must resort to relentlessly hammering his opponent on irrelevant topics like unreleased tax returns (as if the president, who continues to withhold many vital documents from his subjects, including Bin Laden photos and his birth certificate, is to talk) and the condition of Bain Capital two years after Romney left the damn place.  Rush even clarified later on that the movie’s trailers seem to indicate that Bane is representative not of capitalist Romney but of socialist Occupiers.  He also noted that Bane’s creator, Chuck Dixon, tied the villain to liberals instead of conservatives.  Clearly, Rush was not criticizing the movie, as the news stories say, but the Democrats who are bound to use it to win the votes of mindless college students.

Essentially, we are observing a situation where the media have flat-out lied to the American people, taking the delusional words of their own village idiot and ascribing them to a powerful, influential conservative in order to make the Republican Party appear stupid.   Obama once quoted his racist mentor, Jeremiah Wright, in saying: “White man’s greed runs a world in need.”  Although nothing can excuse him from such a reprehensible statement, can you imagine the national outrage we’d have seen if the media had falsely attributed this line’s origin to Obama instead of to Wright?  There would be cries of racism for sure, but also many lawsuits over libel.  The scenario is not much different here: a moron of the Democrat party has said something utterly foolish, and the media, by cutting off important context, have passed the beginnings of the analogy onto Limbaugh in an attempt to discredit him and his followers.  In team policy debate, such an egregious and deceptive attack on a man’s character would lead to disqualification.  In The White House, it would lead to impeachment.  In the media, though, slanderous language is somehow tolerable.

Misrepresentation of Republicans’ words is commonplace in the media.  They did it with Rick Santorum, they did it with Sarah Palin, and they’ve done it many times with Rush, yet they never endure retaliation for their lies.  It baffles me why news sources are not held to the same standards as individuals, for such organizations are really just groups of people assembled with the aim of spreading stories or, more often, promoting an agenda.  If a single person can be penalized for making false and derogatory claims about another man, why not the media?  In order for America to be a truly free nation, we must enslave the media to the truth.  Without a requirement for reporters to accurately describe Objective Reality, the media would be able to say anything and pass it off as truth to the average voter, who, as Winston Churchill discerned, gives in a five-minute conversation the best argument against democracy.

That’s my rant for the day.  Enjoy the movie.  Drink lots of coffee.  Long live Bruce Wayne.

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