Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Things We Re-learned In 2013

It seems that every other legitimate publication is doing one of these obligatory year-in-review memory spikes, so we had to jump on the bandwagon.  Call it caving into Newyear-pressure.

* There never was any such thing as a benevolent dictator.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Dictators are masters at obtaining power through promising not to use it, and when they have finally gained that which they seek, there is no force on earth that can compel them not to wield it.  For example: “I’m not going to take your guns away.”  “There will be no tax increases on themiddleclass.”  “Even if I wanted to ban this crude and disgusting video, there’s a Constitution thing getting in the way…”

* A country that violates its own laws is no better than a country that has none.  The Constitution of the United States has shriveled into a state of absolute obsolescence, such that it is either wholly disregarded or hijacked by its enemies as a means to marginalize itself.
) All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in one Congress, except when those powers pertain to domestic spying, climate manipulation, contracts of marriage, arms sales, immigration, and nationalizations of the health care industry, in which case the president and the courts have a full license to exercise all the legislative authority that’s technically reserved to legislators alone.
) The natural right to speak and engage in political debate, so integral to our liberty and ingrained in the Bill of Rights, must never be infringed, except when that real, God-given right hurts the feelings of one or another perpetual victim class and possibly undermines its artificially fabricated ‘civil rights’, whether to marriage benefits from the state, taxpayer-funded abortions, or unconditional enfranchisement.
) So too must the government never infringe your unalienable right to keep and bear arms, except when your arms can accommodate more than 10 bullets at a time, fire one projectile for each press of the trigger, and do anything else that might give the regime cause to hesitate before invading the sanctity of your mind and home.  Most folks would say that’s common sense.
) The citizenry shall be free from unreasonable search and seizure and secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, except those they store in electronic mail, texts, phone conversations, social media, and everywhere else.
) You are always entitled to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of your own peers, but not if you’re a white man who’s accused of murdering a black one, in which case justice calls for a trial by the black man’s peers.
) All things which are not reserved to the federal government are reserved to the people and to the states, but in a progressive, centralized utopia, there is nothing which is not reserved to the federal government, and so there is nothing that can rightly be reserved to the states, from the health of their own residents to the protection of their own borders to the administration of their own elections.

* Radicals never present themselves consistently as such but insist on masquerading as ‘new conservatives’ to curry sufficient favor to mobilize their agenda.  Hence we derive the fraudulent promises that nobody’s taxes would be raised under this regime and that Obamacare wouldn’t affect anyone in the slightest who has already purchased private health insurance.  Period.  So horrific and unmarketable was its true nature that this massive and socialistic usurpation of the health industry had to be sold on the deception that it was usurping nothing and indeed reforming nothing for the 250 million-strong horde of consumers who were already insured to their satisfaction.

* Tyrants delight in making scapegoats of their enemies for their own apparent wrongdoings, as evidenced by the much-hyped, ostensibly catastrophic “Republican Shutdown” and “Republican Sequester”.  See also how fervently the state-controlled media rushed to shift the public’s focus from Edward Snowden’s leaks to Edward Snowden himself, effectively substituting the real traitor to the United States and its Constitution with a malicious and enigmatic puppet traitor whose only crime consisted of exposing criminality.

* American industry doesn’t stand on the shoulders of government expenditures; rather, government stands on the shoulders of American industry.  The former can and verily must thrive without the latter, but the latter can’t so much as exist without crushing the former beneath its heel.  This is why career politicians and their allies panic whenever the state’s budget contracts by even the smallest degree, for such reductions in consumption cut at the heart of their their vampiric livelihood.

* The easiest solution to a problem is usually just not to solve it.  It’s also usually the worst solution.

* The Atheist Civil Libertine Union is right; we can’t possibly tolerate crosses or nativities on federal land as “federal land” shouldn’t even exist in the first place.  A government big enough to surround and maintain plots of soil with walls and a gate for public access is big enough to close that gate whenever it wants.

* The creative, liberal minds of Hollywood really aren’t that creative, having spilled forth another bounty of sequels, spinoffs, remakes, adaptations, and just plain unoriginal crapfests.  How many mainstream films do you recall from this year that weren’t based on or overtly reflective of anything else?

* Man is but a sick and depraved impression of his Creator whose savage instinct to swindle, rob, slander, subjugate, murder, and otherwise exploit his neighbor will persist until the end of his days.  Against this instinct he has but two defenses: his own instinct to fight back and the rule of law.  The first of these can be broken with brute force and the second can be broken with words – words that carry all the force of law but none of its justice, words of unelected bureaucrats, and words of democratically elected despots.

Merry Winterseasonholiday Newyear.

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